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Testimonials -

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Echo Ed online teaching program developed by Ruth Ramm. 

Ruth has been teaching echocardiography at a national and international level for over 20 years. It has been a great privilege to observe her skills evolve and her course material mature into the elegant, concise and highly respected body of work that you will find herewith.  Ruth has the knack for providing clear explanation and simplification of extremely complicated material. Even embryology is understandable when Ruth works through her famous plasticine models!

I happily recommend this online teaching material for those entering the exciting world of echocardiography. Our discipline provides the eyes and tools that allow clinical cardiology to achieve the excellent outcomes and safety we have grown to expect in the modern era. Practical proficiency with these tools is paramount. 

Enjoy the journey into this wide world of Echo with Ruthie Ramm. Listen, learn and absorb all of the wisdom that Ruth has to offer. 

Welcome to the world of clinical echocardiography.

Professor Gregory M Scalia

MBBS (Hons), M Med Sc, FRACP, FACC, FCSANZ, FASE, JP (Qual).

Director of Echocardiography
The Prince Charles Hospital

Cardiologist, Genesiscare.  Brisbane

School of Medicine, University of Queensland

Jess is loving the online course Ruth! Your knack for helping things "make sense" is working its magic once again! A brilliant opportunity for newcomers!

Feena Enfantie, Director - Cardiac Investigations, Toowoomba Base Hospital.